The Trustees

The Role of the Trustees

The Trustees are all volunteers who are appointed in accordance with UK charity law and are legally responsible for ensuring that the SRP BF is carrying out the purposes for which it is set up.

This means this involves them:

  • understanding the SRP BF’s purposes as set out in its governing document
  • planning what the fund will do, and what they want it to achieve
  • complying with the SRP BF governing document (its Constitution) and the law

In addition, the Trustees are the people who manage the funds, so they are responsible for:

  • enabling potential beneficiaries to apply for financial support when they are in need
  • scrutinising applications
  • deciding if applicants qualify for support from the fund, and
  • making payments from the fund to qualifying applicants

The Trustees

The Trustees of the SRP BF are listed below. They all have time limited periods in the role, and the periods are different to ensure that there is continuity.

The founding Trustees are:

  • Chris Englefield PhD CRadP FSRP FSyI (Chair)
  • Simon Clark BSc LLM (Secretary)
  • Bob Kerr CRadP FSRP MRSC (Treasurer)
  • Phil Morgan-Brown CRadP MSRP (Trustee)
  • George Sallit MSRP (Trustee)

Chris Englefield PhD CRadP FSRP FSyI (Chair)
Chris is a retired Environment Agency radioactive substances regulator who now runs his own businesses. He is a Past-President of The Society for Radiological Protection, a Fellow of the Society and a Fellow of the Security Institute. He is also a Visiting Research Fellow at Kings College London, specialising in radiological security issues. Chris has previously acted as a Trustees when he was a member and President of SRP Council and before that as Treasurer of his children’s Scout Group.


Simon Clark (Secretary)
Simon is a retired Health Physicist. Simon began working as a Health Physicist at the Atomic Weapons Establishment in Aldermaston, Berkshire and eventually ran the health physics support to the Waste Management Group on the site. Before retirement, he was Principal Health Physicist for Dstl Environmental Sciences Dept and built the Dstl support to the Joint Forces Command and acted as RPA to that part of MOD. Simon is a Fellow and Council Member of the Society of Radiological Protection as well as Chair of their Brexit Working Party and Secretary of their Strategic and Risk Review Committee.


Bob Kerr CRadP FSRP MRSC (Trustee)
Bob joined the SRP in 2000, shortly after starting his career in radiological protection in 1999. He chaired the SRP’s Scottish Regional Committee from 2009 to 2016 and has served one term on SRP Council from 2014 to 2017. Bob was a recipient of the SRP’s Founder medal in 2013 for his work with the SRP’s Scottish Regional Committee and for assisting with the delivery of a Schools Event for over 1000 pupils at the 2012 IRPA conference in Glasgow. Outside of the RP arena, he is a keen mountaineer who has measured cosmic radiation dose rates on Mount Everest.


Phil Morgan-Brown CRadP MSRP (Trustee)
Phil is a Chartered Radiation Protection Professional who currently works for the Office for Nuclear Regulation. He has had a varied career in radiological protection, ranging from Imperial College London as a Radiation Protection Officer to a Radiation Protection Adviser at AWE and as an EHS Radiological Safety Technical Authority for GE Healthcare. Phil is currently on the SRP’s Finance Committee.

George Sallit MSRP (Trustee)
George worked at AWE for over 20 years, becoming Head of Safety responsible for radiological safety, conventional safety and the safety of the new build programme. He moved to the Department of Transport in London to regulate the transport of radioactive materials. During this time, he was the UK’s representative on the IAEA’s Transport Committee producing international transport regulations and guidance. George was also on SRP Council and became the President of the SRP in 2007. In 2010 transport regulation moved to the Office for Nuclear Regulation and he became the Deputy Chief Inspector for Cross ONR Programmes dealing with Emergency Response, Conventional Safety, Safeguards and Regulatory Intelligence. 
George retired from the Office for Nuclear Regulation in April 2016. He is now on SRP Council, Chair of the Membership Committee and an active member of the Awards and Sponsorship Committee.

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