SRP Benevolent Fund Becomes A Registered Charity

Following a successful application to the Charity Commission by the Trustees of the SRP Benevolent Fund, registration was achieved on 22 March 2017. The registration number is 1172201.

The fund has registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation or “CIO”. This is a is a new form of legal entity designed for non-profit organisations in the United Kingdom.

The main intended benefits of the new entity are that it has legal personality, the ability to conduct business in its own name, and limited liability so that its members and trustees will not have to contribute in the event of financial loss.

Following notification from the Charity Commission of the registration, Chris Englefield (Founding Chair of the Board of Trustees) said:

“This is the essential first step in the life of the SRP Benevolent Fund. Now that we are recognised and registered by the Charity Commission, the Board of Trustees will be working to set up the arrangements that ensure we can meet our charitable object in a fair and consistent manner.

I would like to thank the Trustees for their hard work so far, in anticipation of lots more effort being provided in the future”!

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